4 Tips to rock in ethnic wear

4 Tips to rock in ethnic wear


As Indians, we have an array of functions where we need to don up ethnic wear. Be it your aunt’s son’s wedding or some distant nephew’s thread ceremony (Phew!). Well, the occasions are endless but what about your options during these occasions. The majority of women choose from two staples- salwar kameezes and sarees. However, if you don’t experiment with these, then you could end up being boring.

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You really need to know yourself and then go according to that flow. Blindly following latest fashion fads will result in you ending up just like somebody else who is totally not you. Here we present you some quick tips:

The Fabric:

Indian wear in the right fabric can make your look but in the wrong ones can even break your look. If you have a slim build and want to accentuate your body types, then go for fabrics like South Indian cotton, Chanderi Silk, Handloom Cotton and the likes. If you are on the curvy side, chiffon suits and silk suit fabrics should be your thing.

The Pre-Stitched and Semi-Stitched:

The market these days is flooded with pre-stitched suits. The necklines are decided beforehand and you just need to provide the final details to have these ready in no time. For sarees, we have pre-stitched sarees in the market. You just need to buy them and get inside them. They already have carved pleats and are extremely easy to wear.

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Ditch the Regulars:

You know what would be really cool if you turned up at an ethnic event wearing an ethnic dress but ditching the saree and salwar kameez. So what are your options? Well for starters: multiple. However, my fave is the long cotton skirt in Indian prints teamed up with ganji, short kurti or even a plain tee. Long jhumkaas and bangles will just add more class to the look.

Net is always in:

Dupattas and sarees in net always work for any occasion. However, add a new twist by opting for semi-net sarees. These make sure you don’t look too shabbily dressed but show up enough skin to have your presence felt.

Every styling tip is totally customizable and would love to see you experiment with these. Send us cool pictures with your little story to give us more inspiration.