5 quick fixes before a party

5 quick fixes before a party

5 quick fixes before a party
5 quick fixes before a party

Heading off to a party after your shift and you hardly have time to get ready?

Fret not because here we present you some instant tricks to have you party ready just on time.

Focus on your legs

So if you have stepped into your Little Black Dress and want to be a showstopper, then a quick fix is just dabbing on some luminescent powder on your legs. Luminescent or sheer powders are easily available in the market in various tones of sheer. Brushing it quickly on your leg can bring out the best in you before you can head out.

Clean underarms

These days the market has a lot to offer to keep your armpits feeling dry and fresh. You can buy the underarm sprays which keep them dry and some of them even come with the feature of whitening. If you don’t find the required spray then you can just dab on some talcum powder to give it a matte look and keep it dry.

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Multi-tasking Lipstick

To give your face the rosy look, dab some pink or red hued lipstick on your finger. Using your finger with light outward strokes, apply it on your cheekbones. In order to even it out, use your fave baby cream lightly to spread it evenly. You don’t need to add anything else to it as it is perfect just the way you leave it.

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Cologne feels

In order to evenly spread the perfume/deodorant you are applying, spray some deodorant on the back of your hand. Then take some drops of water and rub lightly on the deodorant and spread it a bit. This usually tones down the scent but your skin soaks it in giving you a beautiful body smell. You can try this at various parts of your body to have the same aroma throughout.

Perfect brows

Since you don’t have time to tweeze those brows perfectly, then take some kajal pencil and lightly stroke your brows. This gives the brows a more defined look.

With these easy to do quick fixes, you can have your party essentials in place within no time.

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