An App Reading Book? Review – Voice Aloud Reader

An App Reading Book? Review – Voice Aloud Reader


Don’t you think nowadays we all want to save time?

Though I love reading hard copies of my favorite books sometimes I just want to finish the book and absorb the information.

I stumbled upon an app who can read the book for you. For me, it worked because I can utilize my time while driving, eating, jogging etc.

Let me ask you few questions:

1) Do you want to save time and read the book?
2) Do you want to save money?
3) Do you want to keep your room clean? 🙂

Even if above are not the major concern, you can still download and try 🙂

How does Voice Aloud Reader work?

1) You can click on ‘share’ button on any app and send the text to Voice Aloud Reader for aloud reading.

2) Either you can use speakers or headsets.

3) In case share button is not available you can easily copy paste the text into the app for aloud reading.

4) Open text, PDF, DOC, EPUB/MOBI/FB2 or HTML files from Android file system for reading aloud.

5) You can save articles opened in the Voice Aloud Reading app for later. Also, you can order the list, e.g. more important articles first.

6) You can easily add the articles from ‘Pocket’.

7) You can simply pause/resume the article whenever needed.

8) Voice Aloud Reading can recognize the language of an article and use appropriate TTS voice, if available, or set your preferred voices manually with ‘Select language’ menu item.

Free PDF Support:

The app comes with free PDF support. You can check regular updates here.

They have updated the app in Version 12.02, Dec. 17, 2017

Please find the quick demo here:

Please feel free to share your feedback and experience in the comment section. I am directly in touch with team to help you.