Blogmint Review – Influencer marketing platform

Blogmint Review – Influencer marketing platform


As a blogger, I always try to provide a valid way to monetize the blog. When I started there wasn’t much to do. But now there are many options to monetize. I have recently got one of the authentic tools.

As I always ask some question before my post to give you clarity of what I am going to cover. Feel free to mention if I am missing anything in the comment section.

Are you looking for a place to monetize your blog?
Do you want to make money using your twitter account?
Do you have a video channel you wanted to monetize without Adsense?
Do you want an easy and hassle free platform to connect to the top brands?

Here is the answer Blogmint

How Blogmint works?

It’s a great platform for the brand and influencer both. Here is the detailed Blogmint Review an Influencer marketing platform

Influencers: are the one who has social media presence, blogs, and video channels.
Brands: are the one who want to promote their content.

In this article, I will provide detailed the information on how to get started

The first thing which I like about Blogmint is the easy user interface. You can signup as either Brand or Influencer. We will talk how this platform is helpful for Influencer. If you are thinking how can a 140 char pay you? The answer is right here. Let me break the curiosity and start with the Signup process.

Step 1: Visit Blogmint and click on ‘Signup as Influencer’

Step 2: Alternatively you can signup with BlogSpot,, Self-hosted WordPress account to signup. Last but the least you can always use your Email Id.

blogmint login next is best
blogmint login next is best

How to get started and proceed with the form filling?

step 1: After this, you will be asked to add your social accounts to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. At the moment,
you won’t find other social media accounts but they are planning to integrate.

step 2: You will also connect your blogs. In order to prove ownership, you will get a code snippet to publish on
your blogs . After verification, you are good to go.

step 3: One important thing which is going to be the life changer in next couple of years is ‘Video’. You can also
add videos and make the passive amount of money. So Vlogging is also very popular here.

step 4: You need to very careful while filling the charges to monetize your social accounts and blogs. If the price is too high you are saying NO to of the brands. So initially you can just keep the price on the lower end. But this doesn’t mean that you should not get what you deserve. So set the price accordingly.

step 5: Now you need to fill some additional information like your Name, Gender, DOB, Place, qualification and
monthly income (I am not sure about this but hope they are collecting this information for the productive reason) and a short Bio.

blogmint setting next is best
blogmint setting next is best

How the Blogmint dashboard look after login?

After login, your dashboard will look very similar to the below image. Your image will come up with your influence score based on the influence of your social profiles or blog profiles.

You can see your site analytics and social analytics. If you will click on any particular social icon you will find the details as ‘no. of followers’, ‘total reach’ etc.


How to get paid on Blogmint?

You need to setup your bank details with Blogmint. They will ask for Bank A/C number and IFSC code. Bank address is not mandatory. Please keep the PAN card number handy.

In order to verify these details, you will submit a scanned copy of Pancard and bank statement. You will find a list of a document they consider. Verification of documents will not stall your current payment. You can still start and earn money.

Payment and commission: Blogmint will release the accumulated amount in 30 days after payment received. Also with every project, there is a 20% commission attached.

So if you will do a project for 100 INR you will receive 80 INR.


How to start your first campaign on Blogmint?

The major problem with the similar marketplace is you need to have a strong profile and wait for weeks to get the first campaign. But I will share my personal experience on Blogmint. How easy and fast
I have got my first campaign.

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Below is the image of campaign dashboard


Once you will hit ‘Discover campaign’ you will find a list of the campaign. Check the brand name and cost. If it suits you press ‘Apply’ and site back for brand’s response.

The brand will check all the profiles and choose the best influencer as per their requirement. So no bid or long sales letters. Nice idea.

You will get a notification once the job is awarded.


If a brand awarded a project to post Tweets with certain #hashtag

You will write the tweets in given time frame and copy the tweet URL and submit it on Blogmint in the provided space. As soon as you will submit the tweets you will receive the amount in your Blogmint account.

One annoying thing about Blogmint:

Without fail, they will show a popup to refer Blogmint to your friend. Even though you are checking campaign this popup will show up. But for many good things we can tolerate this. Maybe Blogmint will find the article and fix this issue.


Feel free to share your comments and feedback. I would love to make this very helpful for the blogger and microbloggers.