How to copy your competitor backlinks using ethical methods?

How to copy your competitor backlinks using ethical methods?


Competitor backlinks: Don’t judge me by the title ๐Ÿ™‚ I am going to discuss something very useful for newbies and ProBloggers.

When I started to blog I used to think a lot about competitor backlinks because that’s what I heard from people.

I came across a very popular quote: “Content is king”

But I think if “Content is King, definitely backlink is Queen”

And if you play chess you better know how Queen works ๐Ÿ™‚

So again few questions inspired me to write about the backlinks.

What is backlink?
What Probloggers say about backlinks?
Why are competitor backlinks important?
How to get a quality backlink?

What is backlink?

Backlinks are simply an incoming link to your website.

When someone will mention your website/post URL on their website is called backlink.

Here are some jargons you will hear around the backlinks:

Do-follow link: When you mention a URL onto your website its called Do-follow link. This passes the link juice.

Nofollow-link: When you add a link to your website and if it has a no-follow tag (rel=’nofollow’), it’s called nofollow-link. This doesn’t pass the link juice.

Link Juice: When you give a link to any website it passes link juice to the other website which helps to improve the ranking and domain authority

Low-Quality Links: Low-quality links are the links you get from porn/spam websites. I would recommend avoiding such backlinks. Just for increasing backlinks, you shouldn’t fall into the trap. They do harm the ranking and reputation.

Anchor text: It’s a text with blue underlined referring to a hyperlink. When you want to rank for a particular keyword you should use that keyword as Anchor Text.

Moz explained it very well below:


What Probloggers say about backlinks?

Now here comes the best. Let me show you what ProBloggers think about the backlinks.

1) Brain Dean says “Backlinks remain an extremely important Google ranking factor.”

2) Neil Patel says “backlinks remain a vital quality ranking signal for search engines.”

3) Entrepreneur says “Some industry experts estimate backlinks may account for as much as 80 percent of the weight that search engine ranking algorithms give websites.”

Why are competitor backlinks important?

Backlinks are like magnets. You will always find more competitor backlinks for bigger brands. Is this a coincidence? Not at all.

The best part is we all want to give backlinks to bigger brand also we all want backlinks from the bigger brand.

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Initially, it’s not that easy to get quality backlinks but over a period of time, you will start getting good backlinks.

As I mentioned earlier if you will work with the King (Content), Queen (Backlink) will follow ๐Ÿ™‚

Backlinks are still valuable for ranking so we cannot ignore it.

Here are some tools which can help you find your competitors backlinks. This way you will have a target to achieve.

Though it took a long time for the big brand to become ‘Brand’ and it’s really not easy to complete them but following the similar strategy you can have a good online reputation.

You all must be knowing about SEMRUSH. This is one of my favorite tool for analytics.

Now I am taking the example of one of the top ProBlogger ‘Neil Patel’. I hope he won’t mind seeing this ๐Ÿ™‚


You can see the quick graph below and understand how big he is. He has 143K backlinks to his website. 109K Nofollow and 33.6K dofollow links.


You must have understood the size of his blog. Again, see the below stats and you will surprise:


Neil Patel’s main competitors are,,,,

Now the surprising fact is and
are his own websites ๐Ÿ™‚

Now using such tools you can easily figure out below:

1) Competitor’s backlinks
2) Competitor’s inbound and outbound links
3) Competitor’s keywords and anchor text
4) What kind of content they are working on
5) What social media they are using frequently

I would like to bring attention to traffic analysis:

neil-patelTraffic Overview-nextisbest
neil-patelTraffic Overview-nextisbest

You can see, he is the king of content. He is getting 49.6% of traffic through the search engine.

Also, Facebook and Twitter is the major source of his social traffic.

I hope so far you all must have understood the importance of SEMRUSH.

You can dig deeper for the treasure hunt.

How to get a quality backlink?

We have through this detailed analysis and you must have understood the importance of backlinks and now the time for how to copy your competitor’s backlink?

1) Great Content:

As we have been discussing that ‘Content is king’. Write best content and backlinks will follow.

There is no substitute for quality content. If people will like your content they will love to give you a backlink.

Write for visitors not for spiders (Responsible for search engine ranking)

2) Blog commenting:

Make this good habit. You never know who will start liking your content.

Don’t comment just for the backlinks. Make a professional comment and spend some time.

Arvind commented on one of my posts and got 40 likes.

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Top 5 Tips to Write SEO Optimized

3) Responding to the comments:

Responding to the comments is another good way to backlinks. It makes you readers realize that blog is not dead.

I learned this from Neil Patel.

If you will post any comment on his blog he will definitely respond to it. I really liked the idea. I got a lot of appreciation from my visitors for doing the same.


Again reminding you if “Content is King, Backlink is Queen”
Don’t buy low-quality links
Work smarter and harder to get the quality links

There isn’t any shortcut.

I would love to see your feedback and comments. Feel free to let me know if you want to add anything.