Do’s and Dont’s at office party – Must Read

Do’s and Dont’s at office party – Must Read

dos and donts at office party
dos and donts at office party

It was that time of the year again. The New Year’s. I looked anxiously at the watch and finally, my pickup vehicle arrived. Dressed in a blood red dress, am sure I looked every bit of ravishing. I reached the venue on time and to my surprise I was the only one. What followed were a series of bloopers which compelled me to share my experience. Of course, the mistakes I had done, I wanted others to avoid.

LBD (Little Black Dress)…ummmm!!

People will tell you to go for the most sensuous looking dresses and how you need to stand out from the crowd on that day. Trust me that is the worst advice. The shorter the dress the more eyebrows you will raise.

Advice: Go for an elegant looking dress and make sure it’s not too revealing. Studies show that people (read women) are taken less seriously if they are dressed a bit inappropriately. Keep those short ones for your personal circle.

My experience: I have seen my seniors making fun of my colleagues who were in dresses too less. It takes away from their respect but more than that it also affects the seriousness by which people take you.

What would a feminist say: They would argue that what does it matter what people think of me. It’s my life and my choice. Well, that’s true but the issue is that an office is a place of diplomacy, not a place of speaking your mind. You need to choose your moves carefully as it can impact your career. If you want to speak your mind and do as you will, please join a political party, not an office party

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The drink that was too much:

A combination of various drinks sounds good but wreaks havoc if you can’t handle yourself. A friend of mine did the same thing. She mixed every bit of a hard drink she could lay her hands on-Whisky, rum, vodka, you name it.

The result: She was all over the place ( technically her puke was all over the place). Keep yourself away from the drinks if you can. If not, then indulge in the ones you are confident you can carry.

Why: Because your self-control and composure reveal a side of your personality (which is hard to find) to people in general. It shows you have a strong opinion which is not affected by environment or circumstances. Plus am sure nobody wants to babysit you, and of all the people, not you office colleagues.

Are you that person: If you are the kind of person who likes to draw the line between their personal and professional lives, then you would agree with me (and oh boy will you be successful!). However, if you are the types who likes to enjoy the moment, you will throw a smelly sock on my face. If you are a mix of both, then God save you.

The dance move:

Mingling with everybody on the dance floor is considered a good sign of socialising. It helps break the ice with that colleague who you haven’t talked in years. It shows you are an open person. But you know what is bad? Being in your own mini circle. It will not get you anywhere. Think about it. You have a core group of friends. You hang out with them all the time in your tea breaks. But none of them are responsible for putting in a good word for you with the management or in touch with your boss or even responsible for an inter-departmental change if you need.

Why to do it: See if your friends put in a good word for you then it won’t make much difference because your boss might be aware of your circle. However, if somebody out of the blue says something good about you, then man you do have something.

Go shake that leg!

What the facts say: Social dances instigate understanding of spatial relationships between yourself and other people. You learn how much space you occupy and need without running into other people, which brings awareness of negotiating space and time that you might not have done before.

What was the don’t here-I don’t get it: Don’t be secluded in your own safety zone of people. Go out and explore.

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When you speak too much:

It might happen that the wave of the office party may drag you too in the social gossips and thus drag you down. Guard yourself against indulging in such talks as they are injurious to both your professional and social reputation as well as your productive time.

Why am I against it: Social gossips are a way to kill time and obviously somebody’s reputation. They spread rumours or facts about somebody which negates that persons standing. This may result in that person being ousted by other groups or merely just make other people approach him/her less.

How does it harm you: Multiple ways. First of all, since you are hanging out with people who are the source of such news, you might lose your productivity. This may affect your career graph. Secondly, hanging out witch gossipmongers makes you one too which again affects the credibility of the kind of person you are. Thirdly, you are in a good chance that you may be a target of somebody’s gossips as well. Maybe that rival who spoke salty about.

Why parties are good for gossips: Put all the drunkards in a closed room full of music and ask them to pour their heart out. What do we get? Stories of betrayals, break ups, instances, facts and figures about a colleague. All is gossip. So quit gossiping in an office party and do the thing you were here for- socialise and have a good time.