Even if you are not an expert you can do SEO –...

Even if you are not an expert you can do SEO – Next Is Best

Even if you are not an expert you can do SEO - Next Is Best
Even if you are not an expert you can do SEO - Next Is Best

If you are new to online marketing, you surely know how important SEO is and all the benefits it can offer you.

It is possible that you know statistics, like 75% of users do not pass the first page of results in search engines.

It’s good to know about SEO, but if not, you can do some things to help your website come out better positioned.

1. Tune your blog

Blogs are great tools to promote your brand or your business. Try to feed it with good content so that Google can read it (index it) properly and make it easier for you to be found. Some people say that the ideal is to write twice a week so that your traffic grows. And it adds the different labels and attributes as descriptions or keywords.

2. Do a keyword search

If you do not know what a keyword is, I will tell you that it is a word that you want users to find you in search engines, for example, if you have a shoe store, you would use “shoes” (in a very general plan). You can use or words or phrases for it.

But, what are the best keywords to optimize your website? To do this, make a search with the Google tool, it is very useful.

Another way is to search the search engine directly for a term and see what other words it suggests.

3. Optimize old pages

It is possible that if your website already has some time, it has already been indexed by Google, but it is also possible that not all the pages of your website are correctly optimized. Review them and correct everything that is necessary. Try adding keywords and descriptions, as well as titles and labels.

4. Install a free SEO extension

To help you, it’s a good idea to install an SEO extension. This will make it easier to update old and clear pages, also new ones. One of these useful extensions is SEOquake, which allows you to obtain an SEO diagnosis of your website and see if, for example, the images do not have the ALT attributes or if you have to modify a title. In addition, it offers solutions to the SEO problems that are detected.

5. Get inbound links

Quality inbound links help your website to have a better positioning, because when they link us, Google gives more credit, so it positions it better, and the same happens when we create a link to another website, Google gives it credit. It is important that your website get relevant backlinks, quality websites.

First of all, you want to make sure that your site appears only on high-quality websites.

Another way to create links to other websites is as a guest blogger. Send guest articles to relevant sites, such as SoloMarketing, on a regular basis, and be sure to include a link to your site in the article. In this way, you will attract traffic to your site.

6. Stay up to date with SEO blog tips

Google is constantly playing with its search algorithms, which means that SEO never stops learning. If you find an article about SEO or a change in the algorithm of Google, read it, it will be worth it.

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