Free Books Giveaway – An initiative by Next Is Best

Free Books Giveaway – An initiative by Next Is Best

free books giveaway through courier
free books giveaway through courier

Free Books Giveaway – A generous initiative by Next Is Best


I have a small giveaway for people coming to NIB (nextisbest)

Let me share a small story. When I was young back in 2000 it was pretty challenging to get a book. I used to rent books from a convenient bookstore and had to be sure that I would finish them within 24 hrs otherwise I was supposed to pay rent for the second day. At that time, I was spending 50 Paise for a book. But at the same time, it explained the importance of reading books

Recent picture of a book lover who wanted this book 🙂


Here are some questions and if you agree read further:

1) Have you ever seen a child who wants to read but doesn’t have money to buy?
2) Have you ever seen a boy/girl who wants to buy a competitive exam book but can’t afford?
3) Do you know someone who mentions ‘Reading’ as a hobby in the resume but doesn’t have a good book to read?

I know them and that’s why I am taking this initiative. I have been through this since my childhood. I waited for someone to come and give me a free book.

I tried and found the best options mentioned below:

Buy second-hand books
Win a contest to get a book
Fulfill some terms and conditions to get a book

But it wasn’t totally free. All involved some costs.

So I have decided that I will buy a book read and giveaway for free. Because I sincerely believe that book is meant to circulate. They helped me to understand the life and people. I want to help who want to read but have money constraint or are away from the bookstores.

Blogs took over books but still I am fond of reading hard copies. Blogs are definitely good because they provide ‘To The Point’ information and save a lot of time.

You can follow the below two links for more information

Importance of reading books
How to become a blogger?

Note: I am not getting any funds or any help from anyone. I am not even trying to monetize anything here. It’s completely free.

I am a lone warrior but I will try to include visitors in ‘Free Books Giveaway’ campaign.

Step 1: I have a nice collection of books and want to giveaway
Step 3: Let me know if you are interested
Step 4: Since I have one copy of each book this is first come first serve (FIFO), so leave a comment with the book title
Step 5: Three people every week will get the book free of cost.
Step 6: If you are in Delhi/Gurgaon I can personally hand over the book or else I can send it through post (No charges on You)

Enjoy reading and helping 🙂

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome to make this better.