How to make MORE money from a blog?

How to make MORE money from a blog?

how to make more money from a blog next is best
how to make more money from a blog next is best

I have been blogging since last 5 years and the biggest question I faced: How to make more money from a blog?

I am pretty sure that money making is not an easy task even though you are a great influence. So what makes ‘money making’ so difficult for bloggers and influencers? even when it’s easy to start a blog using WordPress or any other medium.

I will take you through a step-by-step process on what challenges you will face and how can you rectify them.

As usual, I will ask a couple of questions to connect with you and see if you have the same questions in your mind.

I have a blog ready but now what?
I have a strong social media profile but how to monetize it?
Why is ‘money making’ tricky using blog?
Do I need to invest initially if I want to make more money through blogs?

Please add more questions in the comment section and I will try to answer them in a best possible way. I personally believe that since we are bloggers, it’s our responsibility to help those who want to choose to blog as a full-time career.

Quick Overview:

Pay attention to the below mentioned points which will help you to generate more money from your blog.

Decide which product you are going to sell through the blog.
Create best engaging content because eventually you are going to sell them.
What are the other ways you attract more traffic?
Build personal level connections with the people through their emails.
Once you get a connection you can start offering products. DON’T BE PUSHY

Please don’t skip any point as you never know when these will seamlessly integrate into one another and give you an amazing outcome.

Decide which product you are going to sell through blog:

what to sell through blog next is best
what to sell through blog next is best

When we start blogging the first thing that comes to the mind is AdSense. You start serving ads on your website. But did you realize that someone is paying to show their ads on your website? That means they figured out how to use your traffic and value the people visiting your website.

Here you should stop and think. I am not saying serving ads is not a good idea for a beginner but you should know that it’s not the best way to earn a passive income.

Now you have two options to sell. Either you can go for ‘Content’ or ‘Physical Product’.

For example:

Content: E-books, Book reviews, Product reviews, Website hosting, affiliate marketing etc.
Physical Product: Books (hard copy), Product from Amazon or eBay etc.

But the bottom line is – if you want higher conversion ratio you need the visitor’s emails.

So, once you have got the answer what you are going to sell, you need to figure out how to get the emails?

Let me make it easy rather than giving you another guide on how to get visitor’s email?

Giveaway: Start a small giveaway and be generous. When I started I was not knowing this thing is going to be a boon.
I had a lot of books as reading is my habit but no place to store all of them. I don’t like selling my used books as I love to collect them. However, I like giving it away to benefit the community. I wrote a blog post requesting people to ask for a book they like and would send it to them for free. I started receiving emails. Bingo!

Make sure you won’t spam them. That was a good gesture relaxed my soul.

Learn to be generous

You can capture the emails using SUMOME WordPress plugin. This plugin will also help you to organize your social sharing buttons.

Create next best engaging content because eventually you are going to sell to them:

We have discussed how to hunt for a consumer’s email ID but the LARGER question – why will someone come to your website in the first place.

One of the best ways to create engaging content is – Find the good content available on the internet from your niche. Research always helps. It also creates something better. But don’t COPY.

You can simply put the keyword in Buzzsumo and it will show the best available content. You can take inspiration and start writing better engaging content.

buzzsumo home page next is best
buzzsumo home page next is best

Buzzsumo will also show ‘backlinks’ and ‘share’ reports if you opt for PRO version. See the Image below:

buzzsumo content research tool next is best
buzzsumo content research tool next is best

The important part in dealing with content is to pick relevant images. Research shows that the relevant images get 90% more engagement than the content without images or fewer images. Let’s get real here: everybody likes visually appealing content to keep them hooked to an article.

You can find royalty free images from here

I will recommend to use good quality images but not of very high resolution otherwise, it will slow down your website.

If you are using a good number of images in the post, use WP Smushit plugin. This will compress the images and make the site faster. Recommended size of the image should be 50-70 KB (Except for photography websites).

Basics of optimising images for SEO

You can simply use Photoshop to reduce the image size. Go to ‘Save for web’ (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S) and choose jpeg format. Set the quality bar at 60. You will find reduced size image along with reasonable quality for the web.

What are the other ways you attract more traffic?

It’s always good to have more sources to get visitors on the website because it’s quite possible that you may loose the organic traffic coming to your website because of Google’s algorithm update.

Guest posting is the another best way to bring traffic. Few people primarily focus on Guest post. It’s a good investment like stocks. You put some nice content on somebody else’s blog and start reaping the benefits in long term. You should never put all your eggs in one basket is my mantra and you know what-IT WORKS!

When you are following a strategy like this, you must have an opt-in form on the website. Otherwise, you will miss a huge opportunity to collect targetted emails.

If you want to be a guest blogger, follow the below instructions:

1) Search the best opportunity to do the blog posting
2) Create high quality and appealing content

Last but not the least, use PPC to bring traffic. I will recommend running a small campaign of $ 5-10 on a regular basis to find the most targeted traffic. This is to know your audience.

If you never ran an Adwords campaign, the best way to start is Facebook Ads. They are easy to manage and cheaper to start.
After spending $ 70-80 you will get to know more about – ‘how to get visitors on the website’

Build personal level connections to the people through their emails:

Connecting to a lot of followers on Facebook, Twitter or for that matter any social profile is not going to help you. You must have realized even though you have more than a thousand followers on twitter, no one likes, retweets or replies on your latest blog post.

I faced this challenge and that’s how I came up with the solution. I used to add many famous accounts on Twitter but I realized it’s not worth as they are not engaging in my posts. Go for Quality over Quantity.

When I came across a blogger meet organized by Indiblogger, I got in touch with some real faces not just the distant followers. I added a couple of them to my social media profiles and engagement got increased by 72%. These statistics just blew my mind.

I am highly thankful to those real people. Now I am interacting with them on a regular basis.

You never know who is going to help you. Another way to build a connection is ‘blog commenting’. Find the blogs from your niche and leave a relevant comment on the latest blog.

#nextisbest : Give #link and get #love Click To Tweet

We have a tendency of asking for backlinks as soon as we get in touch with a fellow blogger. Change the perception. Interact with the person, go ahead and discuss blogging ideas and then ask for help. Definitely, you will get what you want. Everybody likes creating real bonds even if it is a virtual one initially.

But asking for backlink in the first interaction in RUDE

Join Facebook groups: One of the best ways to find like minded people. Join a decent group, not the one saying ‘Follow me and I will follow you back’

Even you can also start an interactive group on Facebook which will help you share your knowledge with the targeted audience.

Once you get the connection you can start offering products. DON’T BE PUSHY:

Now this is the point where you have got engaging content, decent traffic and healthy relationship with the fellow bloggers and readers. You can start selling your product. We are all in some sort of sales business. Just think about it.

I am pretty sure people will hesitate to buy from you if you do not have a good relationship.

Very important tips: Don’t spam your good connection. You may loose them. If you don’t like to be bombarded by emails, no one else does.

Don’t post a lot of tweets or shares in a day. Post after a decent interval and give them a chance to read. If you think you are missing some readers because of different time zones, it’s always good to repost. You can use the website like Hootsuite to schedule the post.

Feel free to drop a comment if you found this article helpful. Also, your suggestion and feedbacks are appreciable. If your suggestion is helpful for the readers, I will edit the blog and give you credit.