How to optimize images for SEO

How to optimize images for SEO


Optimization for images is most important for SEO. Search engines are getting smarter day by day. So in order to get a good ranking, we have to meet maximum criteria.

Normally, we focus on best content and ignore the image but we have to be very careful with image optimization.

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Image relevancy factor

A relevant image always helps Google to rank you better. If you are using an image of laptop connected to a post related to Benefits of ginger doesn’t make any sense. This is where we understand the importance of Alt Tag and image optimization for SEO.

Importance of Alt Tag

Alt tag is basically a way to describe the image to Google. For example:

(img src=”sony-laptop.jpg” alt=”Sony Laptop”) So here Google will understand that we are talking about ‘sony laptop’ because Google cannot see the images. Alt is an abbreviation for ‘alternative’ so instead of an image, Alt tag will describe the nature of image to search engines.

Alt tag should be descriptive and detailed. For example, if there is an image of the elephant eating the banana, Alt tag should be (img src=”elephant-eating-banana.jpg” alt=”black elephant eating banana”) So more information will make an image more search engine friendly.

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Image size matters

The size of the image plays an important role in image optimization. Because this impacts the load time of the page and eventually user experience. If it’s taking more than 8 seconds your potential subscriber will fly away and also increase the bounce rate of the website. If you are using WordPress, you can try wp smush plugin. This will help you to reduce the size of the image at the time of upload or you can do bulk smushing.

File name factor

The file name for the image should be relevant. I have seen people make this mistake quite frequently. For example: If I have an image file name like, “20151222_203605.jpg” it won’t give any information about the image. So rename it with valid description.

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