Why I bought a dog? – and you should too

Why I bought a dog? – and you should too


I bought a dog but why? When I was very young, I always had the craving of being accepted and what better way to have 4 legs and a tail tell you that you mean the world to him. That’s when I decided to get a dog.

Typical Indian challenges:

Indian parents are most apprehensive about getting a dog mostly because of several reasons like being tied to the responsibility of taking care of it, space constraints in our houses etc. My parents had the same. So if you face this issue, I won’t be surprised.

The road less taken:

After consistent crying and emotional blackmailing, I understood that they won’t give in, so I decided to get it anyway without their knowledge. I researched and found the Spitz breed to be the cheapest ( 10 years ago my dog cost me only Rs1400) and most adaptable to Indian climate. This was what I had decided for me.

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Some breeds you can check out:

Golden Retrievers
German Shepherds

If you are the one who likes the cute and cuddly ones, then be prepared for some tantrums as they love to throw them. The smaller and cuter in size, the larger drama queens and kings you can expect them to be. Some common breeds can be terriers, Pomeranians, spitz, Lhasa also etc al.

Now I collected my pocket money and ordered a pup from a certified vet. This ensured that I bought a dog of good quality and also this kept me away from illegal breeders who openly sell pups. I wanted to discourage this practice. Once the pup came in unexpectedly on my parents anniversary, you can expect their surprise (I would rather term it as a shock!). However, the cute little pup melted all the anger away and they allowed it to say. It was a she-dog and my dad named her Norwi.

Norwi grows and so do we:

The little ball of white fur grew up to one of the cutest dogs in the area. Having a friendly nature Norwi soon caught the attention of almost everybody in society. I remember taking her out for walks and young children coming up to me to talk about her, touch her and play with her. Almost the entire housing society used to accumulate in my house on weekends just to see her.

Norwi opened up our closed social circle. She was the one through whom we could just walk in parks and feel that we could connect to anyone. It even broadened our perspectives to open up and talk to everyone in our area. We never felt socially aloof anymore.

Father’s love flows:

We have kept Norwi as a family member which means my dad is her dad as well. Now fathers are very protective of their daughters. The other thing they are protective about is not showing or displaying emotions of love. However, with Norwi in my life, those things started to change. I would see dad engaging with her and opening up about his emotions. He would at times display his soft side which sometimes he had difficulty in showing us.

This kind of bonding loosened him up. He would now laugh more and fight less with mom. Dogs trigger the feel-good hormone. Studies reveal that ten minutes of you petting your dog releases the hormone which calms and soothes you down. Well, we could see it in action here.

She even serves as a stress buster for him after office.


Did you know: Recent start-ups have started the trend of getting your pet to the office once a week to facilitate higher productivity and lower stress. If you know the names of those start-ups, post in the comments section below.

Why would I recommend you to buy a dog:

The world we live in runs on acceptance. You need acceptance in school, you need acceptance to get in a college, hell you need acceptance from a girl/guy to even begin a relationship. It is because of this rule, that we work day in and day out to create a name and fame for ourselves. We have got so drilled to this model, that we have forgotten the existence of unconditional love.

Norwi opened up the path of unconditional love. She didn’t need me to be beautiful, rich or superstar. She just needed me to be there for her. When you start experiencing this kind of love, it releases hope in life. It helps your sibling and kids learn from it. As human beings, we strive to better ourselves in everything then why not evolve our emotional side as well.

Responsibilities? Well, uh few!!

Here comes the not so fun part. The feeding, bathing, and dog walking rituals. Adult dogs need to be fed twice or thrice depending on the breed and they need to be walked atleast twice. In order to make it a non-chore, I decided to have fun during her walking rituals. I used to take her to park to play which rejuvenated me as well. The bathing ritual which started as a task turned fun when I decided to give her bubble baths.

Your dog is pampered. Get pampered yourself as well 🙂

The gain is greater than pain – Yes my friends the benefits of owning a furry friend far outweighs the negatives. So do go for it and share your experiences. If you already have a dog, then share the link to the pictures in the comments section below.