Magical benefits of Cinnamon!

Magical benefits of Cinnamon!

Magical benefits of Cinnamon
Magical benefits of Cinnamon

Magical benefits of Cinnamon!

When we talk about cinnamon a sweet aroma comes into the mind. This is one of the most popular ingredients in chocolate, especially in Mexico as they are the biggest importer of it. Because of its sweet smell its used in many desserts as sweet candies, hot chocolate, cake etc. Liquor lovers you are also not away from it. 

But, Cinnamon can also act as a relief measure for few of the common health conditions!

• Urinary Problems: 1-3 grams of the powder of cinnamon with a glass of water in case of some urinary ailments. This is because cinnamon provides a natural stimulus to the kidneys.

• A toothache: Cinnamon can be chewed to gain strength in teeth and gums. In the case of a toothache, one or two drops of cinnamon oil in the infected area will give much relief.

• Flatulence: Take a piece of cinnamon and boil in a glass of water. Take this before 30 minutes of any meal. Other than this, cinnamon is also beneficial in diarrhea.

• Wound Healing: Use the paste of honey (Benefits of honey) and cinnamon to improve wound healing. This paste is also good for skin.

• Insect bites: 2-5 drops of the cinnamon oil on insect bites will detoxify local area and to relieve stinging pain.

So grab some cinnamon from the market start observing the magical benefits of Cinnamon. It can also be used in routine cooking

Note: Always consult physician

  • Neha Dalal

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    • Thanks for writing Neha. Good to hear that your pain has gone.