How to make Organic Body Scrub – Next Is Best

How to make Organic Body Scrub – Next Is Best


Organic Body Scrub

With tons of body care products available in the market, I can’t stop to think of the tons of chemicals we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. I am pretty sure, you do feel the need to go organic now and then. But how? This is the question.

I scrolled across various recipes on the internet and chose the easiest and most effective one.

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What you will need?

Coarse brown sugar
Cold pressed olive oil
Few drops of essential oil (I used lavender)
Glass jar to store
Passion for homemade products

The process:

Take a small bowl and add 1.5 cups of brown sugar. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Whisk it. Add a few drops of lavender for the amazing aroma. Tin it in a glass jar. And you are done!

What I liked: It is easy to prepare and works well on dry skin. Can be used for gifting purpose.

What I didn’t like and nobody told me: The carrier oil I used( olive oil) concentrated at the bottom of the jar and I needed to shake it up every time I used.

Scrunch your hair without damaging it

Would I recommend?

Yes because my skin felt smooth and soft after using it but the ingredients can be expensive if you are purchasing it for the first time. So plan accordingly.
You can make your own combinations by experimenting with various carrier oils and essential oils. Have fun! Chao!

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